02 July 2013 : Poppie on Sale

(First, let me say that this is a test post, the first one I’ve tried from my iPad Mini. I’m curious to see if I can do this easily from the Mini so next week, when we are in Paris, I can leave my laptop at the Boudeaus. Fascinating for all of you, I know.)Poppie on Sale at Habitat!

So yesterday we went shopping, like I said. One of the stores Melinda wanted to go to was Habitat (big surprise, eh Brenda?). You may recall that this time of the year is one of the big sale seasons in France, too, so finding bargains at Habitat is like “winning” something on eBay.

So anyway, while Melinda was busy trying to win something at Habitat, I discovered that Poppie was on sale. 50% off!!

I kid you not and have the photo to prove it.

Your thoughts?

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