03 July 2013 : The Time Machine

Stop the presses. Your intrepid reporter has finally answered a long held question, one that has been three years in the asking. Just how did Christine Bertail arrive in France?

Christine, inside the time machine.
Christine, inside the time machine.
The answer – a time machine.

We have all seen her interest in things from the middle of the 20th century – her manner of dress, her sense of style, her preference for shaken over stirred, even her love of Mad Men (part of the era from which she came, no doubt!).

Today she inadvertently let the cat out of the bag, she along with her genius husband Bernard. Likely to try to steer this reporter off the trail, they decided to take me, along with my crack colleague Dr. Mendelssohn, to the town of Rezé to see La Maison Radieuse, what is billed as an apartment complex built in 1955.

In no time at all we discovered that La Maison Radieuse is a time machine and is the device used by Christine to transport her from the past into the present. We can only guess at what nefarious activities Christine and her minions have undertaken.

Consider yourself warned.

Your thoughts?

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