04 July 2013 : Ligne 2

After Melinda and I went shopping at Beaulieu today (she found a dress to wear to Manon’s party on Saturday), we went over to Christine’s to pick up Melinda’s phone, which she’d accidentally left there last night.Melinda on Line 2Andy on Line 2

To get there from Beaulieu, we rode Ligne 4 to Ligne 1, and then reconnected with Ligne 2. You might not recall, but I proposed to Ligne 2 when we lived in Nantes. And I’m pretty sure that it accepted my proposal (my tram French isn’t that great and it’s the best French I’ve got!!).

Anyway, we are due to get married soon, I think. Melinda is fine with this.

These two pictures are from our ride on Ligne 2 today.

3 thoughts on “04 July 2013 : Ligne 2

  1. We will see that your remains are sprinkled along ligne 2 some time in the distant future.

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