06 July 2013 : Perhaps…

On the TitanticYou wouldn’t think that I’d be that interested in photos taken on the Titantic, but this one caught my eye for some reason and I decided I should share it. Somehow, the people in the picture just look so… familiar.

I wonder what became of them. Did they make it to a lifeboat? Assuming so, what were their lives like afterward?

Perhaps they developed close friends with people from different countries, say the United States and France, and maybe one summer night in a city, say Nantes (which is in France), they went for a little boat ride. And suppose on that boat ride they spent time with their husbands and another couple, and that they sipped wine and munched on cheese and saucisson and other tasty things. Suppose that afterwards they went to a favorite restaurant along a river for dinner, and they chatted late into the night.

I can just imagine a little friendly argument breaking out over how to pay for the dinner!

Your thoughts?

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