09 July 2013 : 26 Rue des Rosiers

If you’re in Paris and want to find us, that’s our address. Melinda, imagein one of her marathon Internet sessions that usually take place while Cinderella’s coach is turning back into a pumpkin, found this apartment. In a word, it’s perfect.

It’s got all the charm of an old Parsian place, which it is, but it’s been tastefully updated by an architect with an eye for design.

In other words, it’s Melinda’s dream place.

Also, being in the 4th arrondissement it’s easy to get everywhere. Heck, our street even has its own Wikipedia page. See that falafel place? We’re above that.image

The first photo is of me hitching up my trousers while waiting for the apartment owner to arrive. See the number 26? The second photo is of Melinda and me inside the tiny 4 person elevator. That would be 4 small persons. Good thing I qualify.

We’re on the top floor which in the 80 degree heat may be off-putting. But get this. We have air conditioning.

Your thoughts?

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