13 July 2013 : {“Day 13 (13 July 2010) – Happy Birthday, Al!”}

Such was my blog post title 3 years ago today, on the 13th day of the sabbatical. How can it already be 3 years? And here’s a link to that post, for those of you who, like me, enjoy time travel.Al's Birthday

Get this, this is our fourth consecutive year in which we’ve spent July 13th in France, which leads me to think there are two interpretations of this. The first is that we feel some kind of need to get far away from my father on his birthday. And the second is that we so much want to celebrate his birthday in a big way that we travel to France to do it.

On that note, Melinda & I found this poster in Paris announcing a big French celebration of my father’s birthday taking place today at an Irish pub. If you squint a bit while using your imagination, you can almost believe it says Smallman there on the poster (or O’Smallmans).

Say, Al, Frédérique just walked by and wanted to make sure I pass on a birthday greeting to you from her. Have fun at the track!!

Your thoughts?

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