21 July 2013 : My Three Sons

My Three SonsRemember that old TV show from the 60’s, “My Three Sons?” I always felt a special connection to it, given I have two brothers (and no sisters), therefore meaning my parents have three sons. I really don’t have some additional insight about this. Heck, I was just a kid and the world revolved me, right?

And give me a minute and I’m sure I can tell you about my special connections to “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, “The Flying Nun,” and “Get Smart.”

You’d think all I did as a kid was watch TV (and you might be right).

Anyway, yesterday was my mom’s 80th birthday and my family came together at my brother Scott’s house to celebrate. It’s not often that we get my parents, my brothers, and me all together. So I’m pleased to have this picture of Steve (on the left), Scott (center), and me.

Your thoughts?

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