3 August 2013 : Heartman Comics

Heartman ComicsBack in 1998, when Chloe was 5 and in kindergarten, I put a little drawing I made for her each morning on a sticky note in her lunch. What started on a bit of a whim (just like this blog!), grew into a daily event. As the weeks passed, my drawings got more sophisticated and, I daresay, more interesting.

Most of the drawings came back home in her lunch bag, along with all the waste and leftovers from her lunch (the school had a policy to send everything back home so parents could see what their kids were and were not eating). I took to saving the drawings and not too long ago found them in a sandwich bag in our basement. Some I put into a scrapbook, others remained loose.

I started a new blog today, one in which I intend to preserve and share these drawings. If you’re interested in following along, learn more here.

Your thoughts?

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