24 August 2013 : Seattle 10k

At Gas Works Park, Just before the race began.
At Gas Works Park, Just before the race began.
Part of the Seattle Marathon race series took place today at Gas Works Park, a popular park just north of downtown Seattle. A couple of weeks ago I signed up to run it, having just before that signed up to run the half marathon of the Seattle Marathon on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.
Just past the 4 mile mark...
Just past the 4 mile mark…

Two years ago I ran the half for the first time, and last year I ran the full. About a month and half after that, I got hurt. The diagnosis was achilles tendonitis and the prescription was months of rest.


Late in April I started running short distances again, with only mild discomfort. It’s continued to get better since then, and I’ve managed to stretch out the distances of my training runs, usually stopping after 30 minutes or so to stretch.

Today I ran the 10K in just over 50 minutes, which came out to 8:05 minute miles. That’s fast for me (I had it in mind to average 9 minute miles, but the competition of running with others gets the best of me). More importantly, I didn’t feel the need to stop to stretch.

Your thoughts?

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