8 September 2013 : Secret Agent of Compassion

Secret Agent of CompassionSo I’ve been VERY busy lately getting ready for my role in this year’s Compassion Games. You may recall that about a year ago I created a “kindness game” in support of the 2012 games, a co-opetition between Seattle and Louisville, Ky. This year, cities from all over the world are involved and I was again asked to facilitate an activity.

My idea this year is something called “Secret Agent of Compassion.” The idea is for me to send out a “mission” each day of the games, from September 11-21, 11 days in all, for people who have agreed to be “secret agents.” It’s a game that can be played anywhere by anyone, not just people living in the cities that have signed up to participate.

Follow along at the Kind Living blog. And if you are a Facebook user, change your Facebook profile picture to an avatar created by Fish Astronaut, my Kind Living artist.

Ready to play? Game on!!

Your thoughts?

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