6 October 2013 : Heartman Comics

Heartman #65It’s been a long time since I posted here but I’ve continued to post daily to the Heartman Comics blog.

If you’re new to these proceedings, 15 years ago I drew a little comic on a Post-it note and put it my daughter’s sack lunch when she was in kindergarten. She couldn’t read them so I tried to make them simple and similar each day.

Today’s is the 65th drawing I made and has to do with her mixing our lotions at home into what she called a potion. Keep in mind, she was just six years old.

Take a look at the archive.

20 September 2013 : Songs I Wish I’d Written For Melinda

HemI like making music mixes for people (in fact, I’ll make a mix for anyone who makes a donation to PSCS – interested?). Back in the 80’s, I made mixes on cassette tapes. Now I make and post them on 8tracks.com.

One of my all-time favorite mixes I made a few years back. It was called, “Songs I Wish I’d Written For Melinda.” You see, in another life I am a songwriter for a popular band. And if you want know the truth, I’ve actually written several dozen songs. Well, the lyrics, at least. And in 1984 I worked with a singer and we collaborated on a few demos.

But I digress.

So this great mix I made for Melinda included all these fabulous love songs (you know how hard it is to write a love song without it sounding cheesy?), including one by a band named Hem called “Stupid Mouth Shut.” The song is basically about this person who should tell his (her) significant other that he loves her, but for some unknown reason he keeps his stupid mouth shut.

It’s a wonderful song. And On Wednesday night this week, Melinda and I saw the band that wrote the song in concert in Seattle. To our delight, they performed it. And I took this picture of them during the show.

Oh, Hem gained significant popularity because of this TV commercial.

17 September 2013 : Busy, busy, busy…

This blog, to which I posted daily for nearly three consecutive years, has been taking a backseat to the start of the school year at PSCS and my work right now with the Compassion Games. As a result, it’s really lost a lot of readers. I’d love to hear from those of you who are still out there. Drop me a comment, okay?Melinda & Chloe

Meanwhile, I am posting on a daily basis to my Heartman Comics blog. It’s there I am archiving the darling drawings I put in Chloe’s lunch during the 1998-99 school year when she was a kindergartner.

And I am posting daily right now to the Kind Living blog, the daily missions for the Secret Agent of Compassion game.

Regarding today’s picture, it’s of Melinda and preschooler Chloe on the ski slopes not far from Seattle. I found this image on the Wayback Machine, an online archive of websites. This is from a website I made for Melinda back in the 90’s.


12 September 2013 : International Kindness Team on TV

PSCS Secret AgentWelcome to Day 2 of the Compassion Games!

As part of the kick-off day yesterday, I was interviewed by a Seattle TV station for a locally aired TV show called “Evening Magazine.” The segment aired last night and today was posted on the station’s website.

Check it out!

And how about today’s photo? It’s how one of our students at PSCS looked when she arrived at school yesterday.

Interested in playing the Secret Agent of Compassion game? See today’s mission.

8 September 2013 : Secret Agent of Compassion

Secret Agent of CompassionSo I’ve been VERY busy lately getting ready for my role in this year’s Compassion Games. You may recall that about a year ago I created a “kindness game” in support of the 2012 games, a co-opetition between Seattle and Louisville, Ky. This year, cities from all over the world are involved and I was again asked to facilitate an activity.

My idea this year is something called “Secret Agent of Compassion.” The idea is for me to send out a “mission” each day of the games, from September 11-21, 11 days in all, for people who have agreed to be “secret agents.” It’s a game that can be played anywhere by anyone, not just people living in the cities that have signed up to participate.

Follow along at the Kind Living blog. And if you are a Facebook user, change your Facebook profile picture to an avatar created by Fish Astronaut, my Kind Living artist.

Ready to play? Game on!!

4 September 2013 : First Day of School

First Day of SchoolThis photo won’t make a lot of sense to many people, but it gives me a smile. Yesterday was the first day of the 20th year of PSCS, no small accomplishment. After the students had left, I went around tidying up and found this “schedule” written on a dry erase board in one of the rooms. It is, basically, an accurate representation of yesterday’s schedule.

There were cubbies to be had, photos to take, Google accounts to set up. There was lunch (I don’t know what happened to the “L”) with an explanation not to go offsite on your own. There were meetings for the high schoolers and the middle schoolers.

And then there was the “Beast,” a game facilitated by our two new teachers.

No telling what happened to the “B” in beast.

1 September 2013 : Brownies

BrowniesFirst, let me say that this photo is about an hour old. It was taken at Melinda’s parents’ house while in the midst of a text exchange with Melinda’s sister.

You see, we had a very spontaneous dinner at Melinda’s parents’ house tonight. Melinda, Ella and I were able to attend, but Brenda, Greg & Perrin (and Chloe) could not, all being out of town. So text messages were taking place between Melinda and Brenda about the delicious lentil & sausage soup, followed by brownies for dessert.

Brenda and family were on a ferry. So you know, it was one of those sister taunting things. We’re having brownies. How are the diesel fumes treating you?

That’s my story.