17 September 2013 : Busy, busy, busy…

This blog, to which I posted daily for nearly three consecutive years, has been taking a backseat to the start of the school year at PSCS and my work right now with the Compassion Games. As a result, it’s really lost a lot of readers. I’d love to hear from those of you who are still out there. Drop me a comment, okay?Melinda & Chloe

Meanwhile, I am posting on a daily basis to my Heartman Comics blog. It’s there I am archiving the darling drawings I put in Chloe’s lunch during the 1998-99 school year when she was a kindergartner.

And I am posting daily right now to the Kind Living blog, the daily missions for the Secret Agent of Compassion game.

Regarding today’s picture, it’s of Melinda and preschooler Chloe on the ski slopes not far from Seattle. I found this image on the Wayback Machine, an online archive of websites. This is from a website I made for Melinda back in the 90’s.


Your thoughts?

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