18 July 2014 : Chloe*

imageThere she is, Chloe*, hiding from the camera. I told her I would keep taking pictures until I got one I liked. This one appealed to me. There is something about the combined jet lag, unplanned afternoon nap-hair, and her listening to a bunch of people speak French that makes this picture work for me.

Well, that and the fact Chloe* is holding a “crack brownie.” What’s a crack brownie, you ask? It’s a crazy-delicious brownie made by Christine that got its name due to its immediate addictive tendencies. Learn more here and here.

A drug therapist friend of mine once explained how he defined adolescent drug “experimentation.” This was in response to parents minimizing their kids’ drug use by passing it off as experimenting. My friend said, “The first time is an experiment to see what happens. The second time is an experiment to see if what happened the first time happens again. The third time, though, is using.”

By the way, Chloe* ate two brownies.

*Chloe in this case does not refer to Melinda’s and my daughter, but to Ella’s friend, who just so happens to be named Chloe and who is with us this summer.

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