07 August 2014 : Burgers Français


That’s the sign above the restaurant where Laurent, Frédérique & Manon took me tonight. With Melinda, Ella & Chloe* all in Paris today, Laurent had the brilliant idea to go out to a burger joint for dinner. imageManon had heard of this new place serving “French Burgers” so it was pretty much all settled. Off we went at about at 8pm (having heard that Dwight, Melinda’s dad, was doing well following knee replacement surgery today).

Arriving at the place, I was surprised to see that the interior somewhat mimicked an American fast food hamburger restaurant. The menu did, too, to a certain extent, other than you could get either wine or beer with your meal. I ordered what I thought was a pepper burger with fries and a beer (an organic beer, no less).

When the meal arrived, I was once again surprised, this time to discover that I wasn’t having a hamburger at all but a roast beef sandwich! It was delicious and the company was stellar. As an incredible added bonus, the restaurant sits right along Line 2 of the Nantes tramway. As a tribute to the fine meal and company, I took this picture of Manon as Line 2 approached going in the direction of the racetrack (and our old house).


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