19 August 2014 : Calvados, Ray-Bans & Kindness

Today’s moral – It turns out that some Calvados cocktails taste better when you don’t drink them yourself.

Let me explain…

It’s been a busy PSCS day for Melinda and me, complete with a board meeting that took place from 6-9pm. As such, we really didn’t see a lot of Théo today and I don’t have a new picture of him. Ella and Chloe* took him to the beach and then, after plying him with hot dogs for dinner, took him to see a movie. After the board meeting, Melinda and I stopped in at Frank’s for a light meal and a cocktail. We’ve gone often enough that the bartender recognizes us and extends us the kindness of appearing to be glad to see us when we come in. We went in tonight after several weeks absence, most of which happened because we’ve been in France, as you know.

Speaking of France, soon before leaving Melinda couldn’t find her fancy new Ray-Ban sunglasses. She turned the house upside down, PSCS upside down, both cars upside down. They were not to be found and she was distressed. She gave up finding them…

Calvados, Ray-Bans & Kindness
Calvados, Ray-Bans & Kindness
So, like I said, we went to Frank’s tonight. Upon arriving, the bartender greeted us warmly and then hustled into a backroom. He came back with this statement, “You didn’t by chance leave a pair of sunglasses here last time you were in, did you?” He had found them after we had left last time and, not wanting to put a pair of Ray-Bans in the Lost & Found, had tucked them away for when we returned. It was a spectacularly kind and thoughtful thing for him to do and Melinda was visibly touched.

Glowing from this exchange, I asked the bartender if he knew of any Calvados cocktails. Calvados, as you may know, is an apple brandy from Normandy in France. I am so taken by it that while in Normandy this year Théo’s dad, Bernard, took me to a farm where a man makes his own. We got to sample it and Bernard made sure I came home with a 10 year-old bottle of the best. Anyway, the bartender at Frank’s tonight recommended a Widow’s Kiss, pronouncing it his favorite cocktail. I accepted his suggestion and a few minutes later he came back with it. In a word, incredible. In four words, it’s MY favorite cocktail!

We added oysters, a salad, and some deviled eggs to our evening snack and sat back reviewing the prior 15 minutes or so — Melinda’s sunglasses, Frank’s, Calvados, oysters. We wanted to find a gesture to match what we were feeling.

Having completed our snack and cocktails, we drove home, picked up the 10 year-old bottle of Calvados, then returned to Frank’s and presented it as a gift to the bartender.

3 thoughts on “19 August 2014 : Calvados, Ray-Bans & Kindness

    1. My only hesitation in giving him the bottle was that you had given it to me, Bernard. But it just felt so right to do it that I was pretty sure you’d appreciate it, especially since it was the bartender at Frank’s. Now about that Merci bag…

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