14 December 2014 : We’re Here!

We arrived in our December, 2014 apartment in Paris yesterday afternoon after a fairly uneventful day of traveling. We got out of Seattle right on time and even arrived in Iceland 30 minutes early. The flight had a few bumpy moments which necessitated a temporary delay in food service. But we were in the second row to be served, so lucky us! If you’re interested in knowing, Carib, I watched 6 episodes of Person of Interest on this flight. Interesting show! image

We arrived to it snowing in Iceland and a 50 minute delay of our flight to Paris. This gave us time to explore the airport and have breakfast. It was about 6:30am local time, the middle of the night. In fact, it’s pretty much the middle of the night all day long right now in Iceland. Chloe looked it up to find the sun doesn’t rise until past 11.

Well, we got on our plane and then sat at the gate for a while, the added delay due to a de-icing truck having broken down. That took about 30 minutes to get straightened out and then we were off to Paris. A few more bumps along the way during the 3 hour flight and then we were there. Our bags arrived with us, which is a good thing. Tired, we collected them and made our way from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3, then on to the train to the city, a 40 minute ride. We transferred from the train to Line 11 of the Metro, which was only 2 stops from our apartment.

It was raining when we emerged from the Metro, but our apartment was easy to find so we didn’t get too wet. We were oriented by a kind, young French woman and taken to our place on the 3rd floor. The photo is a selfie (no one else is ready for their picture to be taken) in the living room looking into the courtyard. I’ll provide more of the apartment another time.

Having gotten somewhat settled, we trekked to a nearby grocery store to get some simple supplies. It was wonderful to see the French packaging in the grocery store. Back at the apartment, we snacked as jet lag took over. We all were wiped out by about 6:30pm. The 12 hours since have been filled with moments of nutty sleep, alternated by weariness and then fits of energy. It’s noon on Sunday right now and we’re about to go exploring.

More soon.

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