26 August 2014 : “Summer is over…”

depart03So said the text I received from Théo as Melinda and I were driving away from SeaTac late this morning and he was seated at the departure gate awaiting his flight to Amsterdam, from where he will fly to Nantes and home.

Those three words also summed up how both Melinda and I were feeling…

Our eyes were a bit moist as we hugged our French son and bid goodbye, pausing afterwards for a few minutes to watch him pass through airport security. The last two weeks at home have been absolutely lovely, in no small part because of Théo’s presence.

As we’ve experienced in each of the last four years (Romain in 2011, Manon and the Boudeaus in 2012, and the Bertails in 2013), having a French connection join us in Seattle extends our trip to France.

It’s really quite lovely.

From the parking lot to the airport terminal.
From the parking lot to the airport terminal.
Checking in...
Checking in…

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