17 December 2014 : Chloe & Simone

imageYeah, that’s Chloe with her good friend and college roommate, Simone. And yeah, they’re standing in front of the Arc de Triomphe. All three, Chloe, Simone, and the Arc, are in Paris, at least for today. Simone has been on a college exchange since September, in Wales, not France. She just arrived in Paris last night. Chloe has been very excited to see her good friend and show her around Paris, which she’ll get to do until Simone leaves on Sunday.

So, yes, they visited some standard Paris spots today, including the Arc and the Champs-Élysées. But where do you think these two Seattle young women agreed to meet?

At a Starbucks, of course.

Now in the small world department, it turns out that Simone’s grandparents and Chloe’s grandparents (my parents) live in the same retirement community in the Seattle area. In fact, I often have dinner with all four of them when I go to visit. I’m sure they’ll all be excited to see this picture.

One thought on “17 December 2014 : Chloe & Simone

  1. Soon as I read this I called Gerry and Remi. We had dinner with them. They were excited about seeing Simone. They would like to follow your blog. What do they have to do to get on? Remi couldn’t remember his email address so I will call him in the morning.

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