19 December 2014 : Confit de Canard

confitdecanardAnyone who knows me understands that my favorite dinner is confit de canard (duck confit). I didn’t know this prior to our sabbatical year in France, but the moment I first tasted it, I was hooked.

Hooked, as in I had it for dinner last night on Ella’s 18th birthday (so did Ella), and I made it tonight for Ella and me in our apartment in the Marais. Yes, that’s two nights in a row for both of us, and we are considering having it for breakfast tomorrow. Okay, I’m kidding. Everyone knows Ella won’t be up in time for breakfast (although she is taking a class at Le Cordon Bleu tomorrow afternoon).

Today’s photo features yours truly with the plate I had just fixed for Ella. I first asked Melinda to take a picture of both Ella and me with our plates, but Ella had just gotten up from a nap and wasn’t feeling picture-worthy, if you know what I mean. Me, I’m always feeling picture-worthy, as is any confit de canard, so there you go.

Ella said that last night’s confit was better than mine. Hmmph. Go figure that the one we had fixed for us at a fine Parisian restaurant is better than the frozen version I bought at Picard this afternoon and heated in the microwave. I’ll try not to be offended.

Say, you Paleo folks may enjoy Mark Sisson’s blog post/recipe about confit de canard. And if you ever want to do me a favor, just make me some…

Side note about today — Simone came over to our place and then she and Chloe departed for a day of shopping. It sounds like they may rendez-vous with Romain tonight before spending the next couple of nights at Simone’s hotel. She leaves on Sunday so Chloe wants to take advantage of being in Paris with one of her best friends. So, Chloe, no confit for you.

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