24 July 2015 : Ella’s Last Supper

Pizza PartyBefore explaining this post’s title, let me just say there are many things to like about this photo. First, it was taken by Celeste in my house in Seattle. Second, both Melinda and Christine are in it (if you have a hard time locating Christine, just keep looking – click on the photo to enlarge it for better viewing). Third, Melinda is looking quite adorable, what with those paper towels in tow and all. Fourth, those are two, count ’em two, Pagliacci’s pizzas we are having. And fifth, well, just look at me.

Enough on point five.

Now about the title. Tomorrow we take Ella to Portland where she begins a 16 month program in culinary arts, specifically baking, at the Oregon Culinary Institute. So tonight was her last dinner in Seattle until Thanksgiving. Per her request, we ate our pizza while watching episodes of Parks & Rec, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

This all came after I took Ella and Celeste to see the movie Inside Out. We cried, all three of us. What a good movie, a perfect one, what with the imaginary friend and all, for Ella and me to see on her last day of childhood…

Your thoughts?

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