23 July 2015 : From C to Shining C

230715First, let me just say that July 23rd has been a good day over the last five years, this being the sixth in succession with a French theme in my life. For more detail, I invite you to look at what I posted a year ago on July 23, 2014.

In terms of this year, 2015, Christine & Celeste arrived today from Nantes. That makes it a VERY, VERY good day. Christine, as you may recall, is Melinda’s best friend, a person we met five years ago on our sabbatical. And Celeste is Christine’s 15 year-old daughter, who was 10 when we arrived in Nantes. She was the first of the Bertail children we got to know back then, coming over to swim in our pool. I dubbed her The Little Mermaid then, and for a number of reasons she will always occupy a soft spot in my heart.

Christine will be here in Seattle for about three weeks. Celeste will be staying until December, living with us while attending an American public high school. In today’s photo, she is sampling root beer, something not readily available in France. She said she liked it. Was it the truth, good manners, or the jet lag talking? I bet we’ll know by December.

Your thoughts?

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