26 July 2015 : “May There Always Be Sunshine….”

OCIWell, we’ve just returned home from helping Ella move in to her apartment in Portland, 3 hours south. And, well, it’s kind of a big deal to help your youngest child move out of her childhood home. I mean, well, I just walked around her childhood bedroom and it seems so empty. And, well, I also just found her senior year high school ID card on a kitchen counter (I put it up on a bulletin board).

So here are two more pictures for me to enjoy (you’re welcome to enjoy them, too). The first is of Ella at the student entrance to the Oregon Culinary Institute, her new school. Yesterday, we rode the bus from her apartment to OCI. I snapped this shot upon our arrival.Devo-Flash

The second picture is one I took while Melinda was supervising the hanging of items on Ella’s apartment walls today. Ella is standing next to a piece of art I got her for her new apartment. Yes, it’s the Flash meets Devo. Pretty cool, eh?

Just like Ella, my little girl.

“May there always be sunshine…”

Your thoughts?

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