27 July 2015 : Educational Material

I’m presenting three photos as educational material.

Celeste in SeattlePhoto #1 is of Celeste in Ella’s room at our house in Seattle. More apt is to say this is Celeste in Celeste’s room, the place she’ll be staying for the next five months. Yes, Melinda and I couldn’t resist the chance to have another teenager move in the day after Ella moved to Portland. Follow along in the upcoming months if you want to learn more about Celeste and her experiences in Seattle. This photo is primarily posted for Bérnard to see.

Bernard 0715 copyPhoto #2 is one Bérnard, Celeste’s dad, sent to me from Nantes. This is a mighty important photo for me and for many reasons. Indeed, it’s of Bérnard. But add in all the representative things Bérnard included in this selfie – it’s at the racetrack (the place I began running in 2011), the starting gate with the city name, the grandstand in the background, the track itself, AND the fact that Bérnard is wearing an Emerald Downs t-shirt. This photo is primarily for my father to see.

Portland - Day OnePhoto #3 was sent to me this morning via text message by Ella. She took it while waiting for her bus to take her from her apartment to her school where she had her first meeting today. This photo touches me for many reasons, not the least of which is Ella keeping me looped in to her goings-on in Portland today. Although she won’t be doing this for long, of course, I’ve always appreciated her dedication as a teen to keeping me updated of her whereabouts via text message. I present this photo primarily for me.

There, do you feel suitably educated?

Your thoughts?

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