14 August 2015 : Quick Updates

Celeste - ArrivingFirst, Melinda and I just returned from SeaTac with Celeste who has been back east visiting family for the last week. It was a long travel day for Celeste, in that her plane was delayed out of Washington DC and then she had to sit on the ground at SeaTac for about 30 minutes for a gate to be made available. See how happy she is to be done with air travel for a while?Ella - Prepping

Next, here is a picture I took of Ella in Portland this afternoon. Framed by the entrance to her micro apartment, she is prepping for her class on restaurant management that she had today. Yes, as you may have gathered from last night’s post, Melinda and I drove down to Portland yesterday to be served by Ella at the OCI restaurant. The meal was fabulous and the service perfect. I’ll post more about that soon, along with a couple more photos.

Your thoughts?

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