15 August 2015 : My Three Daughters

That’s right, we have officially adopted Celeste for the next four months, meaning Melinda and I now have three daughters. I’m thinking of pitching this as a TV show called “My Three Daughters” and I’d like the modern equivalent of Fred MacMurray to play me.Chloe

Just who would be the modern equivalent to Fred MacMurray, though? I honestly have no idea, but I like that it could be George Clooney. Maybe I just like the idea of George Clooney playing me. It’s our incredible resemblance, you know. George and me, doppelgangers.

Anyway, Chloe just sent me this photo of her and Alex watching the San Francisco Giants have a big inning at home against the Nationals. They put up 6 runs and I got to see a couple in a text-video Chloe sent. Technology is pretty cool.Celeste

Meanwhile, back in Seattle Celeste made three different salads for dinner tonight. Given it’s her first full day in Seattle without her mom and she’s going to be here until December, Melinda said she needed to start contributing. As such, three salads and Melinda was in heaven. It looks more like dishwashing duty to me.Ella

Ella sent this picture via Snapchat yesterday and I think it’s a semi-selfie of her in one of her classes. Clearly, she is being studious. Just where are the other students, though? And if this culinary arts thing doesn’t work out, maybe Ella could take up photography. She seems to have an eye for it (get it, an eye?).

Your thoughts?

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