17 August 2015 : Colonoscopy Puns?

I considered calling this post “TMI” because I was going to tell you all about the colonoscopy I had today. ColonoscopyYou know, once you hit 50 (I’m 52), you’re supposed to have your colon checked for polyps.

The pre-procedure involves an extended period of not eating, an extended period of drinking 4 liters of an unpleasant-tasting liquid, and an extended period of allowing the unpleasant-tasting liquid to liquefy and expel the contents of your colon. The procedure itself involves being drugged, which made it the most pleasant part of the experience. This photo of me was taken by Melinda seconds after I was roused back to consciousness. And from what I was told, I have no polyps, which means my next colonoscopy won’t take place for 10 years.

Good thing I didn’t tell you about my colonoscopy, right? Really, TMI.

OCIInstead, I’m pleased to present this photo that was sent to me within the last hour by Chloe and Alex. That’s right, as I wasn’t telling you about my colonoscopy, Chloe and Alex were being served by Ella at the Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland. Ella is an old hand at this by now, having served Melinda and me last Thursday. As they were eating, Chloe sent me this text, “The food is sooo good!”

By this time tomorrow, Chloe and Alex will have returned to Seattle, their road trip vacation to California behind them. Ah, all good things must come to an end, I suppose.

I think there’s a colonoscopy pun in there somewhere….

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