18 August 2015 : Meet Pearl

PearlWell, meet Pearl and Janet.

In 1998, when we moved to our house, we met Janet. I was walking door to door to see if there were any families with kids the ages of Chloe and Ella. Janet answered her door and we met Carly, who quickly became Chloe’s best neighborhood friend. A couple of years later, Janet, Carly and family adopted canine, Ned, who became one of Ella’s best neighborhood friends. As Ella grew and Ned got older, Ella did regular dog-sitting. Sadly and as happens, Ned died earlier this year.

So I was heading out to the grocery store tonight and saw Janet out in front of her house with what looked like a Ned-look-a-like. I pretty quickly figured out what was going on and went on over to be introduced to Pearl. Pearl is 6 months old and came to Janet via a trucker who discovered that puppies and truck-driving don’t mix. I quickly took this picture to send via text to Ella. Within minutes, I got this reply, “Oh my God!!!!! She’s so cute!!! When I’m home I’ll have to go meet her.”

I did not add any exclamation points.

Your thoughts?

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