17 September 2015 : First Day of School (At Last)

First DaySo at long last, eight days late, Celeste got to have her first day at an American high school. The teacher’s strike appears to have ended. We won’t know for sure if it’s completely settled until they get together over the weekend to vote on the new contract. Their leadership team has recommended they accept the negotiated deal so they returned to school today.

On a slightly side note, if you are interested in a very interesting perspective on the Seattle teacher’s strike, I highly recommend this piece that was published in The Stranger, one of Seattle’s alternative media sources. It was written by Jen Graves who just finished up serving on the PSCS Board of Trustees.

Now back to Celeste and her first day of school. She left the house with Melinda at 7:35 this morning, Melinda explaining the importance of taking a picture on our doorstep. Of course, I had to take a picture of Melinda taking that picture, so here you have it. When we got home, Melinda and I drilled Celeste on her day, which sounds like it went just fine. She found her classes, had lunch with some new friends, and worked hard to understand what her teachers were saying.

Yup, it sounds pretty much like the experience just about every sophomore had today at Roosevelt High School in Seattle.

Your thoughts?

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