18 September 2015 : Contemplating

Andy 2015 PSCS RetreatThis picture was emailed to me today by Sieglinde, another administrator at PSCS. It was taken on Monday at the annual PSCS retreat, an overnight in which the students, the teaching staff, and I head off for two days of contextualizing and celebrating the new school year. One of the school’s teachers, Scobie, brought along his nice camera and snapped a number of photos.

I’m not sure why I chose to present here. On one hand, it seems a little self-indulgent to post it, especially with it being such a close-up. But the picture got me thinking about my age. Inside my head I think I’m younger than I look in this picture. Looking at me there, I realize I am 52 years-old, and I figure others see me as being older than I sometimes think I am.

But isn’t it true, you are as old as you feel?

Anyway, it’s an interesting thing for me to contemplate. And, hey, I got carded buying a six pack of beer at Safeway a couple of weeks ago!

Your thoughts?

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