20 September 2015 : Napkin Guy

Napkin GuyThe absolutely cute kid in this picture is Vivian, daughter of Sahra, grand-daughter of Bob & Griselda, niece to Si. She lives in Portland with her parents and younger sister. A couple years back, Melinda and I were down in Portland and had lunch with Vivian, her baby sister (at the time), and Sahra. I gave Vivian a napkin so she could wipe her face. Soon thereafter, apparently, she referred to me as Napkin Guy.

Given my desire to be seen as a superhero, I formerly accepted the title of Napkin Guy, able to wipe small faces in a single swipe (most of the time – I mean sometimes those little noses needed several swipes, give a superhero a break). I asked my artist friend Fish Astronaut, he who illustrates all my online kindness activities, if he could create a Napkin Guy character. Bringing this all the way home, I uploaded the image to a website that makes T-shirts of one’s images and there you go.

Vivian now has a Napkin Guy T-shirt.

Your thoughts?

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