30 December 2015 : Summer Running

Summer RunningI went for a run yesterday morning and it was quite cold, on the Fahrenheit scale somewhere in the 35-40 degree range. That’s chilly and it took me some time to get warm. It also got me thinking about how hot, and how sweaty, I’d get just a few months ago when I went for a run. Yesterday I wore a long sleeve shirt and long pants. Back in the summer, I ran in a super-lightweight shirt and shorts.

Yeah, I know, this isn’t all that interesting. But I was also reflecting on this as Melinda and I drove home from work today. It was right at sunset and for the first time in what seems like months we actually saw the sun set. No thick cloud cover to hide the sun; in fact, we got a beautiful glimpse of the snow-filled Cascades tinted pink.

I’m still months away from another sweat-soaked run, but I found this picture to remind me. Mercifully, I turned off the photo-scent feature…

Your thoughts?

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