3 January 2016 : Ella’s Trip to Portland

snowMelinda and I took Ella to catch the “Bolt Bus,” her transportation method for returning to her Portland home this afternoon. Soon after her departure and before even reaching Tacoma, Ella reported to me via text that they had encountered some snow. This only slowed the trip a little, as Ella also commented, and I quote, “My driver drives like Melinda.” She went on, “Keeps up with and passes cars.” This report came soon after she had told me that her bus had caught up and passed the Bolt bus that had left 20 minutes before hers.

Once in Portland, Ella announced that there were two inches of snow on the ground and her city bus was out of service. This caused her to have to walk home quite a distance while pulling her suitcase and wearing her backpack, both stuffed to the brim with bounty from home. She made it, however, and then sent a text about how quiet it is in her apartment. The solution to that? “I’m putting on some music.”

Your thoughts?

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