24 July 2016 : Alexandre is 18

First, let me say that we have had the privilege of enjoying a lot of 18th birthdays in France. Let’s see if I can recap:

Elisa and Alexandre
Elisa and Alexandre
And keep in mind that 18th birthdays in France are a big deal. The best equivalent is the 21st birthday in the US. Basically, when you turn 18 in France you are an adult and have all the privileges of being an adult.

So it was an honor to be invited to Alexandre’s 18th birthday party that took place at his home last night. If you haven’t been keeping score, Alexandre is the oldest child of Annabelle who happens to be Frederique’s sister. In fact, Annabelle lived for a year in Seattle with Dwight and Michele, Melinda’s parents.

So at the dawn of the party I took this picture of Alexandre along with his sister Elisa. It was lovely to see them, and Annabelle put on a lovely dinner and party. For you blog veterans, you may recall that our first two weeks in Nantes in 2010 were spent at Annabelle’s apartment.

Your thoughts?

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