31 July 2016 : Home

About an hour ago, Melinda and I made a quick trip to Metropolitan Market, a grocery store near our house in Seattle (no, Celeste and Manon, they do not sell clothes). We wanted a light dinner after a full day of traveling, and settled on a salad with shrimp and a salmon roll on the side. ChartreuseChloe joined us and Alex was present but had already eaten.

While at the store, I thought I’d check on the price of a bottle of Chartreuse. And there it is in the accompanying photo. 50 bucks BEFORE taxes, over $60 after taxes. In France I could buy this same bottle for 24 Euros. Total. With the exchange rate being what it is, that’s not even $27. And, oh, this is the little bottle…

About our travel day… We had a little stress in London just before midnight last night when we thought our transportation plan to the airport had fallen through. In the end it worked out, although our flight was delayed nearly two hours leaving London. The explanation for this was the plane was late leaving New York due to it having to wait for a pilot to arrive. And although we weren’t chosen, Melinda and I volunteered to get bumped from the flight if the situation presented itself. We would have received two $800 travel vouchers and have been put up for a night in a London hotel.


But, yes, we are home and that is nice.

One thought on “31 July 2016 : Home

  1. that’s a good deal for the Euros but what do they pay for a decent bottle of tequila, or one of our bourbons? Nice to hear you’re home vouchers or not!

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