1 August 2016 : French Sabbatical

080116So, gang, I got the transferring of posts from one blog to the other finished earlier today. This is the kind of thing one can accomplish with extra hours in the day. For me, these extra hours began at 4:30 this morning when I discovered I was wide awake.

Yeah, yeah, something about jet lag. But I think this intercontinental travel thing might be a clue to enhanced productivity! Since you’re wide awake when you’re used to being asleep, you can get so much more done!

Don’t start in on me about sleep deprivation. I know there is likely a downside in my plan somewhere, but I’m just too darn tired right now to think of it. In fact, here at about 3:15pm, what I’d really like to do is, yawn, take a nap.

Anyway, anyway, I’m getting away from myself. My point is that the old French Sabbatical blog, the one I used to post a record of what my family did EVERY day from July 2010 through July 2011, is all cleaned up to just have sabbatical postings on it. It also has a search feature so you can try to find things that interest you (Line 2, for example). And it’s got a Monthly Archive feature so you can look at the posts for each of the 13 months we were in France.

Really, you should go take a look.

Your thoughts?

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