8 July 2017 : Wizard’s Walk

Since introducing you to the Give & Take Garden, I’ve been on the lookout for what I’m now calling “neighborhood treasures.” These are things that have a special feel to them, something that someone has obviously put some extra time in to creating. I give extra points to those treasures intended to please others, although I want to fully count those that people make for their own enjoyment.

Regarding the former, a couple of nights ago I took this picture of Wizard’s Walk while out walking with Bentsen (click on the photo to see it larger – that way you can better see the sign). We were on our way to the Give & Take Garden to drop off a toy car and came upon this treasure. The way the evening sun was illuminating it added to its splendor, but clearly this is splendid all by itself. For those of you wanting to see it in person, it’s on the south side of NE 60th Street between 28th & 29th Aves NE. Yes, that means it’s about a 5 minute walk away from the Give & Take Garden.

This is an elaborate creation that takes up most of the parking strip. It clearly involved some serious planning. I’m imagining that the idea for it came from a child, but that at least one supportive adult, someone who takes time to understand and appreciate childhood, helped make it a reality.

Then again, maybe it was made by a bunch of wizards…

Your thoughts?

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