10 July 2017 : Horses & Dinosaurs in Seattle!

I was out walking this evening to deliver a dinner I had made for a good friend, who was recently injured, and his family. On my way over, while walking along NE 63rd Street between 20th and 21st Aves NE, I found a herd of horses on the side yard of a house. They looked proud and regal, one was even rearing. Knowing I had found another neighborhood treasure, I snapped their picture.

A few steps further along, on the other side of the walkway to the backdoor (I presume) of the house, I encountered another unexpected treasure, four dinosaurs around a drinking pool.

This is not something one sees every day, horses and dinosaurs in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle!

I encourage you to take a walk in whatever you define as your neighborhood with the idea of finding a treasure of your own.

Your thoughts?

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