28 July 2017 : Fun in Nantes (part 2)

Burger and beer at Berlin 1989, a burger joint in Nantes.
So here’s a little more detail from our Friday night in Nantes.

The Bertails planned all along to take us to a fairly new burger joint, knowing how much I like hamburgers. You longtime blog readers will recall Ella’s and my search for the best cheeseburger in France during the sabbatical in 2010-11 (get a refresher here). Since then, finding a delicious burger has become much easier.

Aveze & Ricard taste like vacation to me.
Those Melinda and I had last night at Berlin 1989 rank right there with any gourmet burger you’d find in the states.

Prior to going out last night, we had an aperitif at the Bertail home. Me, I made that delicious Aveze-Ricard combo I wrote about last year in this post. Melinda thought the color matched my glasses and snapped this photo.

I think the picture turned out really well, maybe because I’m not looking at the camera. Can you see relaxation, contentment, and appreciation in it?

I can!

Your thoughts?

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