28 July 2017 : Fun in Nantes (part 1)

Everyone likes to laugh at me about this, but so be it. There are certain clothes I like to buy at French grocery stores. Shirts, pants, socks, underwear… I draw the line at shoes. Today, Bernard snapped this photo of me in the men’s clothing section at Leclerc. That’s a fan under my arm, a story for another time.
Prior to Leclerc, Christine and Bernard took us to Emmaus. It’s a flea market just outside of town where we’ve found some fun French items in the past – drinking glasses, key chains, playing cards. I got a cool Ricard glass this year to add to my collection.
This photo is from last night when we went out with 4 couples (including us). That’s Laurent and Sandrine on the left, whose daughter took English “lessons” from Melinda and me during the sabbatical. The others, of course, are the Bertails, the Boudeaus, and us.

Your thoughts?

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