8 August 2017 : The Spoils of Line 2

So you know how I said in today’s earlier post how I had no luck getting a souvenir from the construction work taking place along Line 2? Well, Bernard, being the good city host and ambassador that he is, took one look at that post and said, “Let’s go.” The following photos document what happened next.

Arriving at the construction site and having stepped into the work zone.
Looking through the lower dumpster for a treasure.
Bernard is crawling up the taller dumpster for a look inside.
He’s over and in, hoping to find me a small piece of discarded Line 2 rail.
I say something like, “Well, one way for me to stay in Nantes longer is to get arrested.”
Bernard is sorting through the discarded rails. Way too big to bring home.
What I did take, the spoils of Line 2 in Nantes!

One thought on “8 August 2017 : The Spoils of Line 2

  1. Wow! Now that’s friendship! Plus both of you risking arrest to find the valuable archeological pieces left of Line 2!! Still LOL! Love the photos! Michele Sent from my iPad


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