8 August 2017 : A Series of Selfies

I took another long walk in Nantes today, providing me the opportunity to document my day through a series of self-portraits. Put aside the obvious narcissism this entails and join me…

Andy and Nantes, a story…
I met my date for the day at the University of Nantes (Melinda was busy).
Walked past Ella’s old school…
Waited for Line 2 to come… It never came, but the rain did.
Discovered the reason for Line 2 being closed. Showed appropriate concern while wondering if I could snag a souvenir stone. No luck.
Discovered fun graffiti to cheer me up!
More happy graffiti!
Shopped n the center of town. Chloe is pleased I did.
Remembered a fun bar at the top of this building.
Walked past our sabbatical home.
Turned the corner toward the Bertail home where I’m about to make dinner.
Kisses from Nantes!

One thought on “8 August 2017 : A Series of Selfies

  1. I loved your walk thru Nantes! It made me realize that we truly miss Nantes, and France! Thank you Andy! Michele

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