15 February 2020 – Planting Seeds of Kindness

Through our thoughts, actions, and attitudes, we are constantly planting seeds. What kind of seeds are we planting?

Six years ago I invited people to consider this question.

Each day, over ten consecutive days, and using inspiration through original drawings created for this activity by an artist named Fish Astronaut, I encouraged people to complete at least one mindful act of kindness each day.

By mindful, I meant the participants would be well aware of engaging in their acts in response to being involved in this activity. I told them that they could think about them and plan them in advance, or they could come upon them spontaneously. I just wanted them to be mindfully aware of their acts of kindness as they completed them, the mindful part being the fertilizer of their seeds.

Each day, I posted a new image of encouragement. I suggested these drawings were the water and the sun.

For anyone interested, you can access this activity via this link (click on the word “Next” in each posting to access the next day’s drawing).

Your thoughts?

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