Day 318 (14 May 2011) – Chocolate Chip Cookies

When will the Internet allow people to experience aromas? That can be that far away, can it? If we had it today I’d make sure to share with you the delightful smells coming from our kitchen this very minute. You see, Melinda is making a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I snuck into the kitchen a minute ago and snapped this picture of the first cookies to emerge from the oven, likely the ones responsible for the delightful aroma and my mouth watering. Go ahead, call me Pavlov’s dog, at least when it comes to freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies.

Melinda is making cookies to take with us to Bressuire. We are being picked up by the Boudeau family in a little more than an hour to spend the night there. It’s where both Laurent and Frédérique grew up and met, and where Frédérique’s dad and Laurent’s parents live. The cookies are intended to be our thank you to both families for sharing their hospitality with us this weekend.

Leaving soon is also why I’m posting early today (I’ll likely be posting late tomorrow – once we get home). I suggest you bide time between posts with a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. And don’t forget to savor the aroma. There are no calories in doing that!!