Day 1 (1 July 2010) – Haircuts/Move Out

After greeting the family who will be living in our Seattle home and helping them get to know the house and its idiosyncrasies, Melinda, Chloe, Ella & I zoomed off to Ola in West Seattle to get haircuts. Today’s picture is of just me (I didn’t think of blogging this way until tonight)… So here I am unveiling my new look for France – short hair and 70’s era glasses. The mustache is gone but some chin hair remains.

A big shout-out to our friends Elizabeth & Eric for letting us stay in their View Ridge home for a few days. And let me just say how odd it was to see another family moving into our house. I think Chloe & I had the hardest time with it.

Um, we leave for France on Sunday afternoon. We’ll  be in Nantes in less than 100 hours. That’s crazy!