Day 2 (2 July 2010) – iPad

We leave in less than two days and today we “prepped” by purchasing two iPads, one that Ella bought for her use and the other Melinda and I bought for (mainly) Melinda to use. It’s an interesting thing, the iPad. Initially, when I first heard of it, I wasn’t that impressed as I’m not a big fan of the iTouch. But once we got Ella’s iTunes library moved over and she was happily playing her music, I started to warm up to it. It will certainly be great on the plane and I think it will be easy to use in France. Good thing some money was saved up in advance.

Today’s photo is of Melinda working on her new iPad. Right now, at 10:45 pm she is trying to merge two Address Books for syncing with it. Chloe & Ella are out with their cousin Stephanie and good friend Carly seeing the movie Eclipse. Meanwhile, the bags are fairly well packed and I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep.