Day 7 (7 July 2010) – Ella’s School

Our friends had arranged for us to meet the head of the “college” age group at Loquidy, M. Bregeon, the school Ella will attend beginning September 3. He was extremely friendly, kind and thoughtful in our meeting today. First, he gave us a lengthy tour of the campus, pointing out the places where Ella will likely spend most of her time. Then we sat down for a meeting in his office, conducted mostly in French (he speaks very little English).

Ella was understandably nervous but held her own just fine. She signed up for “Aviron” (rowing) instead of rugby. And she’ll be studying Spanish instead of German. You see, all French students at Ella’s age start a “second” language, having already begun English as their “first” language (French doesn’t factor in to this language count). This should make things interesting for Ella this fall.