Day 8 (8 July 2010) – Coq au Vin

When I was taking high school French my teacher invited the class over to his house for coq au vin. I absolutely loved it, and rarely have had the chance to eat it since. Imagine, then, my delight when I found a can of coq au vin in the grocery store.

Okay, so delight may not be quite the right word but it did make me laugh out loud (coq au vin in a can!!). I ate it for my lunch, inviting Melinda and the girls to join me. No go on that, possibly because I kept repeating, “coq au vin, in a can” over and over. It was pretty good, too. There were three pieces of chicken on the bone, plus a sauce and some mushrooms.

I even dreamt about it, imagining getting three cans and then de-boning the chicken & eating it with some red potatoes. Maybe I’ll try sneaking it past the girls some night.