Day 11 (11 July 2010) – Quiet Day

Sundays are pretty quiet in Nantes with most of the shops closed. We followed suit, sleeping in late and taking it easy. We started planning for the second half of July, which we will spend in Pornichet, a lovely French town on the Atlantic coast similar in feel, it sounds, to the San Juan Islands. We will be there for two weeks beginning on the 17th as the house we are renting is not available until August 1.

This afternoon Melinda and I took the tram into town and found a cozy little café where we stopped to have a drink. While Melinda reacquainted herself with her friend Ricard (man, is that hard to order if you can’t roll your R properly), I was interested in getting a beer. I fumbled through with the waiter my desire for a darker beer and ended up with this one called Pelforth. It was excellent, although one Pelforth costs as much as three Ricards, whether or not you can roll the R.

I hereby dedicate this post to my father who, I believe, will appreciate having a Pelforth with me when he comes to visit next spring.