Day 12 (12 July 2010) – The Baker

Dear Melinda,

Yes, it’s true, you and I will always have France. And you will always be my first wife. But, you, you have Ricard and your cheeses. Me, I have our baker and her breads. She tells me to be careful when buying pain au chocolat, that the chocolate is still hot and may burn my tongue. And she tells me this in French. After this morning’s visit, when she let me take her picture, I can hide my feelings no more.

Perhaps it’s rude to announce this on a blog, but Mike Quamma told me he enjoys the soap opera nature of my posts and I aim to please. Meanwhile, I find myself counting down the hours until tomorrow morning. Will it be a baquette, pain raisin, pain au chocolat ou d’une autre??

And the prices are just so reasonable!

Ton premier mari,