Day 15 (15 July 2010) – Crêpes

For several days Chloe (especially) and Ella have been wanting to go to a specific French restaurant. It’s on a boat on the Erdre River that flows along our daily walk. The restaurant serves nothing but crêpes and is aptly called La Crêperie.

Well, we made plans to have lunch there today and everything finally came together. We left the apartment around noon, after waiting for a morning shower to pass. Approaching the restaurant, we didn’t see anyone in the outdoor eating area and were concerned it was closed. But we found an indoor eating area and plenty of seats. We each ordered a similar meal, complete with two crêpes, one savory and one sweet, and a drink. That’s a filling meal!

I’ll let you decide if today’s photo is of the savory or the sweet crêpe. Chloe commented that this was her favorite restaurant meal so far and is ready to go back.